The Vocational Training Association of the Insurance Industry (VBV/AFA) is facing significant challenges with the high costs and logistical demands of organizing exam corrections.

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March 2024


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The Challenge

High Costs and Inconsistent Evaluation

The Vocational Training Association of the Insurance Industry (VBV/AFA) is facing significant challenges with the high costs and logistical demands of organizing exam corrections. The process required numerous experts to travel to a central location, resulting in substantial expenses and extensive coordination. This challenge was exacerbated by the need to manage financial resources efficiently due to their dependence on funding from various sources. The VBV/AFA is looking into technology that will help them reduce costs over the long run. Additionally, the experts who correct the exams have very different correction styles which leads to inconsistencies. Some give half a point to certain topics mentioned and others are more strict evaluating exams.


Integrate Semi-Automatic Evaluation on Exams

Taskbase offers a solution that leverages AI technology to automate parts of the exam correction process. This technology specifically targeted the correction of open-ended questions, aiming to reduce the reliance on human experts who had to physically gather for correction sessions. The system is capable of automatically correcting closed and open-ended questions, with plans to extend its capabilities to the most complex open-ended questions. Taskbase provides a first evaluation of the exams, which are then reviewed by the experts as the students have a right by law that their exams are reviewed by a human.


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The Outcome

Optimized Costs, Resources, and Operations

The implementation of Taskbase’s solution led to several key impacts:

  • Cost Efficiency:  Automating corrections helps VBV save money by minimizing the need for expert travel and physical gatherings. The goal is to reduce the reliability of now > 20 experts to < 5 experts in the future. This is a significant contribution to cost reductions for the association.
  • Operational Efficiency:  The process became more streamlined, allowing for quicker turnaround times in exam grading and less administrative burden.
  • Resource Optimization:  Human resources could be redirected from routine correction tasks to more critical aspects of exam management and quality assurance.
  • Consistent Corrections: The corrections with Taskbase are more consistent throughout all the exams. One correction scheme is used by Taskbase’s AI, as compared to the different correction styles of humans.
  • Scalability:  The AI’s ability to adapt and learn from corrections has opened potential for scaling the solution to more extensive modules and more frequent exam sessions.

The Product

Personalized Feedback

The technology is the same as for personalized feedback, with exam experts in the loop. They receive the output of taskbase that consist of feedback as well as points given for each exercise. The experts then can approve the feedback of Taskbase or adjust in case they do not agree with the evaluation of Taskbase’s AI. Taskbase’s AI-driven solution effectively addressed VBV’s challenges by automating significant parts of the exam correction process, leading to considerable cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

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