Klett and Balmer’s digital learning platform, digiOne, facilitates language learning for students aged 7-8. Taskbase integration enables personalized feedback within digiOne.

Personalized Feedback

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Klett und Balmer


March 2023


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The Challenge

Lack of Engagement and Motivation

digiOne provided interactive tasks that were open-ended, with students only receiving the sample solution after they responded. This approach often resulted in confusion and reduced engagement, as students couldn’t comprehend their mistakes without personalized feedback.


Integrating Personalized Feedback

Through the integration with Taskbase, students receive instant, personalized feedback tailored to their answers directly in digiOne. The feedback is broken down into different goals, allowing students to gain a thorough understanding of their responses. Students receive feedback even when they answer correctly, with words of encouragement to ensure high motivation and comprehension of their progress.

The Outcome

Regaining Motivation

In digiOne, students can practice exercises iteratively. A November 2022 study revealed that exercises with personalized feedback are completed up to four times more frequently than those without it (only providing a sample solution). Additionally, 85% of digiOne students say that personalized feedback helps them in their learning process.

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The Product

Personalized Feedback

Traditional online learning often neglects timely and detailed feedback, leading to frustration in the learning journey. Taskbase converts unstructured data into structured learning objectives and delivers feedback tailored to specific students‘ needs.

By using Taskbase’s AI solutions, learners can experience the benefits of instant, personalized feedback that goes beyond simply being right or wrong.

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