Lernnavi is a learning support system developed in collaboration with the St. Gallen Department of Education. It is utilized by Baccalaureate schools to assist students in Mathematics and German learning.

Intelligent Tutorial System

Baccalaureate Schools

Mathematics and German


St. Gallen Department of Education


March 2023


Learning support system



The Challenge

Missing Focus on Students’ Learning Outcome

Since 2016, Baccalaureate Schools have been responsible for supporting students in reaching baseline competencies in Mathematics and German, which are crucial for university entrance. To address this, the St. Gallen Department of Education developed a learning support system centered around these competencies. However, the existing system primarily focused on testing rather than learning, failing to adequately support struggling students and displeasing teachers responsible for assessment.

Our Solution

Building an Intelligent Tutoring System

Taskbase supported the St. Gallen Department of Education in developing Lernnavi, a learning support system featuring dynamic performance dashboards and intelligent recommendation systems. Lernnavi uses dashboards to provide insights into student performance, including the number of tasks answered correctly, incorrectly, and the time spent on each task. These analytics facilitate personalized task recommendations, empowering teachers to customize learning experiences for each student.

Data protection was a key focus in the development of the Lernnavi platform, leading to its division into two platforms to safeguard student data and enhance usability. The user platform, which holds personalized student data, is for students and teachers, with teachers only accessing student work if shared or through a designated teaching mode. Meanwhile, the authoring platform, managed by Taskbase, generates content and feedback, with anonymized communication between the two systems ensuring data privacy while leveraging Taskbase’s AI for continuous improvement.

The Outcome

Improved Comprehension

The majority of students surveyed in a study, 71 percent, say Lernnavi increases their chances of getting good grades. Over half say Lernnavi helps them better understand the content of school lessons.

students say they can explore new topics independently
0 /5
of students feel confident in achieving tasks
0 %
of students say they can achieve results their parents or teachers are satisfied withc
0 /4

Our Solution

Intelligent Tutoring System

Gain access to tailored insights on student progress, strengths, and weaknesses through comprehensive dashboards and content quality assurance mechanisms. Utilize your intelligent tutoring system to offer immediate guidance and personalized feedback throughout the students‘ learning journey.

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