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Taskbase has collaborated with Swiss Connect Academy since 2020 to seamlessly integrate automatic evaluation, personalized feedback, and analytics into their learning experience platform.

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Swiss Connect Academy


March 2023


Learning experience platform

The Challenge

Insufficient Evaluation of Students Performance

Swiss Connect Academy aimed to efficiently evaluate student performance in alignment with their learning objectives. However, before Taskbase, they had not found a solution compatible with their learning experience platform.

Our Solution

Implementing Automatic Evaluation and Personalized Feedback

Taskbase enables Swiss Connect Academy to deliver automated evaluations that align with their learning objectives, thus enhancing learners‘ understanding. By integrating Taskbase’s innovative solutions, Swiss Connect Academy is able to establish clear learning goals for students before they embark on their assignments. This approach allows for automated evaluation and tailored feedback, aimed at improving student learning outcomes.

Additionally, the gradings provided can be used as autosuggestions, and adjustments to how the tasks are graded can be made. Swiss Connect Academy also benefits from a point system that matches their didactic needs, ensuring evaluations fit the learning goals with full control. This not only saves teachers‘ time but also fosters more individualized learning experiences. Swiss Connect Academy ensures that the evaluations closely mirror those conducted by teachers.

Expanding the scope of their offerings, Swiss Connect Academy is also able to provide Taskbase’s innovative solutions to esteemed customers such as Swiss Post and BAFS, enhancing the learning and training outcomes across these organizations.

The Outcome

Improved Comprehension

By integrating Swiss Connect Academy’s content into the Taskbase environment—from the initial question to the sample solution and learner’s answer—they can now provide personalized feedback on tasks, using their existing learning material in innovative ways. Taskbase also allows them to offer individualized feedback, detailed student statistics, and the creation of adaptive learning paths. This transforms standard tasks into dynamic, interactive learning experiences.

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The Product

Personalized Feedback

Traditional online learning often neglects timely and detailed feedback, leading to frustration in the learning journey. Taskbase converts unstructured data into structured learning objectives and delivers feedback tailored to specific students‘ needs. 

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