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How learning platforms benefit from the Taskbase Feedback Engine®

Boost learning outcome

Teacher-like feedback, advice, and statistics support students on their individual learning paths.

Reduce time-to-market

Easily connect our engine to your learning platform and save on research and development costs.

Accelerate content creation

Create elaborate learning scenarios with free-form input and personalized feedback in seconds.

The Taskbase Feedback Engine®
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Taskbase Integration

Deliver on the promise of personalized feedback with the Taskbase Feedback Engine® – built to take the learning outcome of your digital learning platform to the next level.

Components of the
Taskbase Feedback Engine®

Level-up your digital learning platform with the world’s #1 feedback engine.


Evaluate complex tasks beyond right or wrong and give in-time, teacher-like feedback that is tailored to your educational concept.


Provide recommendations and hints based on learners’ behavior, and lead your students through unique learning paths.


Detailed skill level statistics allow for clear overviews and dashboards, as well as an excellent foundation to implement advanced gamification concepts.

One solution, covering all topics

The Taskbase Feedback Engine® boosts the learning outcome of your learning platform across all topics and every level.

Test it yourself

This demo task is designed to show the technical feedback possibilities. The feedback itself is fully customizable to your didactic concept and adaptable to your digital learning environment.
Find more tasks with different feedback concept in our full demo below.

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Your digital learning platform is only three steps away from providing the world’s best feedback. Our experts will be with you throughout the process.

The right feedback at the right time makes all the difference.

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