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Advanced formative feedback

The right feedback at the right time makes all the difference

We empower adaptive learning with

advanced formative feedback.

A new kind of adaptive learning

An advanced feedback engine that fits the needs of digital learning developers, publishers and education organisations embracing adaptive learning.

We move digital learning forward with AI-powered formative feedback for any topic and for every age group.

Taskbase develops learning platforms at the highest technical level that have a lot of potential for teaching.

Picture of Norbert Hungerbühler from Professor, ETH Zürich

Norbert Hungerbühler

Professor, ETH Zürich

Thanks to the cooperation with Taskbase for the Lernnavi learning support system, we succeed in finding solutions that are both technically innovative and didactically convincing.

Picture of Barbara Bitzi from Amt für Mittelschulen, Bildungsdepartement des Kantons St. Gallen

Barbara Bitzi

Amt für Mittelschulen, Bildungsdepartement des Kantons St. Gallen

In the development of the learning platform, the collaboration with Taskbase left nothing to be desired.

Picture of Enrico De Giorgi from Professor, University of St. Gallen

Enrico De Giorgi

Professor, University of St. Gallen

Image of a phone
Image of a phone

Taskbase is to adaptive learning platforms what Intel is to personal computers.

Our customers

We are the trusted advisors and implementation partners of leading publishers, digital learning developers and education institutions. Research driven, we develop our technologies in close collaboration with ETH and EPFL, two of the world’s top technical universities.

Meaningful formative feedback unlocks the true promise of adaptive learning

The right feedback at the right time makes students eager to continue learning. It takes into account the uniqueness of each learner and offers a personalized path for growth.

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