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Taskbase is a leading force in seamlessly integrating AI into education, combining the art of data and learning sciences. We are the top choice for educational institutions and learners, providing personalized and far-reaching learning experiences. Known for making AI straightforward and effective, Taskbase is your guide to the future of education, working to enhance learning for everyone.

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Originating from ETH Zurich as a spin-off, Taskbase is dedicated to helping digital learning providers offer highly personalized, engaging, and effective educational experiences, tailored to the unique needs of each learner. Our solution makes it easy for our partners to integrate AI features specifically designed for educational purposes into their digital learning products. Our commitment at Taskbase extends beyond just implementing AI; we aim to transform education, positioning ourselves at the forefront of AI-driven learning to prepare learners for future challenges.


Our Mission

We aim to make learning accessible, enjoyable, and effective for everyone. By empowering educational product operators with AI-powered personalization features, we’re making it effortless to integrate these advanced solutions into their offerings.


Our commitment to thoughtful and strategic planning ensures that every aspect of your educational technology is carefully designed for maximum impact.


Our focus is on promoting teamwork and shared learning experiences, making education more accessible and engaging.


Our AI-powered solutions create transformative, engaging, and innovative learning environments that inspire users.


Our Approach

Digital learning solutions are fundamentally built around learning goals and tailored to various subjects. Taskbase commits to enhancing learning outcomes and broadening the societal value of digital learning by leveraging advanced technology. We focus on aligning our innovations with users‘ expectations from learning platforms and pushing technical boundaries to meet these objectives.

 A critical challenge with some generative AI models is the evaluation of student answers that are not aligned with learning goals. This misalignment results in educators losing control over evaluation, leading to potential mistakes and an inability to track progress effectively. The absence of a structured system to map student responses to learning objectives prevents the use of essential tools like dashboards and recommendations, sidelining crucial analytics in the learning process.

 Taskbase addresses this by enabling the integration of AI features specifically designed for educational purposes, ensuring learning concepts remain consistent across all areas. This approach allows digital learning platforms to maintain control over their learning goals while incorporating advanced features. Taskbase aims to make learning more efficient, personalized, and pedagogically sound, avoiding unnecessary complexity and ensuring transparency in our technology and business practices.

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“Our company culture fosters creativity and collaboration.”

John Doe

Principal, ABC School

“Taskbase provides a supportive and inclusive work environment.”

John Doe

Principal, ABC School

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Empowering Education Through Innovative Technology Solutions

Founded by three visionaries and fueled by a team of more than 30 exceptional minds, Taskbase has become synonymous with data compliance. It seamlessly integrates specialized models to cater to the diverse needs of our more than 20 clients.

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In 2015, our founders developed a new learning system in the field of mathematics for students at the University of St. Gallen and ETH Zurich. As a result of this collaboration, Taskbase was founded.

With substantial research grants and in cooperation with the Center for Learning Sciences at EPFL Lausanne, we built a fully comprehensive learning system from scratch while conducting valuable research. We quickly learned that the ability to provide automated feedback left professors unsatisfied, and a more personalized approach would increase learning success.

These findings led to one of our guiding product development questions: How is it possible to evaluate a wide variety of learner inputs and respond to them productively?

And that’s how we arrived at today’s vision.

Today, our solution empowers learning platforms and education publishers to offer personalized and adaptive learning paths to their students through AI integration.

We provide various AI features, including personalized feedback, adaptive testing, and intelligent tutoring. To accomplish this, we partner with Switzerland’s leading research centers for machine learning and learning science.

Taskbase stands at the forefront of educational AI innovation, thanks to our extensive experience and research collaborations with leading institutions like EPFL and ETH.

We navigate the AI landscape to deliver educationally aligned, cutting-edge solutions, ensuring minimal integration effort and high usability for our clients.

By integrating your educational concepts with our technology, we guarantee an enriched learning experience through your platform.

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Need More Information?