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Taskbase is leading the way in research and development when it comes to AI-powered learning and teaching. We support our clients in gaining a competitive edge by offering cost-effective and transparent solutions for digital learning products. Explore the full potential and advantages of Taskbase’s AI solution.

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Dive into the essence of Taskbase’s innovation: By blending the latest AI models with educational insights and data science, we help digital learning providers build more relevant and effective learning scenarios–efficiently and profitably.

AI models, including latest LLMs and customized algorithms
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task types covering everything from open-ended questions to multiple-choice, across all levels and subjects
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Discover our offerings in adaptive learning, analytics, and content generation. Prepare to deliver experiences that are not only personalized and engaging, but also maintain a high standard of data privacy through open models and ethical AI usage.

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Rely on a Short Time-To-Market Thanks to Simple API Integration

Integrating Taskbase’s AI solution into your digital learning product is very simple.

If you already use a tool for creating and editing tasks, our system can seamlessly connect to it via our API.

After creating tasks in your own editor, you simply send them to us via API. These tasks are then automatically evaluated and linked to AI models within our system. Your content creators can review the evaluation and mapping and report any issues directly on our platform, ensuring each task aligns with your learning concept.

Once you’re satisfied with the task quality, a simple API request is all it takes to get the tasks graded.

Don’t have your own interface yet? No problem, we will provide you with the right solution.

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Get answers to common questions about Taskbase, its features, and how it can revolutionize your learning environment.

Taskbase aims to revolutionize education by enhancing digital learning platforms with AI-driven, interactive, and personalized learning experiences. Our expertise lies in analyzing unstructured learning data, delivering personalized feedback, and providing insightful learning analytics.

We aspire to be the trusted technology partner for online learning platforms, ensuring control, transparency, and compliance with data privacy. This results in providing learner-focused solutions and eliminating risks of inappropriate outputs or errors. We envision a future of self-service, automation, and an extensive library of learning subjects to simplify the client experience.

  1. Enhanced Learning Outcomes: Taskbase’s AI-driven personalized feedback leads to a 2X increase in learning outcomes. This deep dive into individual needs ensures learners understand their strengths and weaknesses, promoting a more efficient and effective learning process.
  2. Increased Engagement: With Taskbase, engagement levels see a 4X increase. The platform’s ability to tailor learning experiences and provide interactive feedback keeps students more involved and motivated throughout their educational journey.
  3. Significant Cost Reduction: Selecting always the most efficient AI model, Taskbase offers a 10X cost reduction. This makes it a highly economical choice for educational providers, allowing them to allocate resources more efficiently while still delivering high-quality, personalized education.

Yes, Taskbase is designed to seamlessly integrate with other learning management systems (LMS). Its flexible architecture and developer-friendly APIs enable easy connections with a wide range of educational platforms, ensuring that educators and institutions can enhance their existing digital learning environments with Taskbase’s advanced AI-powered features without significant overhaul or disruption.

This compatibility allows for the enrichment of learning experiences with personalized feedback, adaptive testing, and more, all within the familiar interface of the LMS already in use.

es, Taskbase is suitable for all educational levels. Its AI-driven solutions are designed to adapt to the diverse needs of learners, from early education through higher education and beyond.

By providing personalized feedback, adaptive testing, and intelligent tutoring, Taskbase can tailor learning experiences to the individual needs of students, making it an effective tool for enhancing education across a wide range of subjects and complexity levels.

This versatility ensures that educators can leverage Taskbase to support and enrich learning outcomes for students at any stage of their educational journey.