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Intelligent Tutoring System

Discover open and adaptable LLM implementation for your various learning scenarios. By mapping unstructured student data to learning objectives, you can analyze student performance to enhance transparent decision-making. This enables tailored learning experiences to individual needs, effectively improving outcomes for both students and teachers.

Breaking the One-Size-Fits-All Mold

Integrating Large Language Models (LLMs) with individual student models presents a complex challenge. Managing various models and acknowledging that no single approach fits all learning concepts—such as balancing accuracy with motivation, or assessment versus learning—adds complexity. Additionally, most digital learning products are not yet able to measure the impact of these models on learning outcomes.

These are precisely the challenges we tackle.

Your Benefit

Equipping Educators with Insightful Information on Students

Taskbase’s open and highly customizable intelligent tutoring system delivers deep insights specific to students, classrooms, groups, or institutions, enabling educators to understand and support each learner effectively.

Innovate to Personalize

Tailor Students Learning Paths

Our solution offers an open and adaptable implementation of LLMs for various learning scenarios. Additionally, our AI can evaluate unstructured data, such as responses to open-ended questions. This capability enables us to provide detailed performance dashboards and intelligent recommendation systems, offering clear insights into each student’s progress. As a result, we can support you with premium content, meaningful feedback, and customized learning summaries, guidance, and specific goals tailored to every learner.

A study by EPFL in 2020 highlighted our system’s ability to significantly improve the precision of learning analytics, offering a 1.5x increase in accuracy over traditional methods.

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more learning outcome through instant personalized feedback
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more learning outcome through instant personalized feedback
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Data-Driven Decision Making

Learning analytics empower educators to make informed decisions. They optimize teaching, curriculum, and resources to enhance student outcomes through detailed data analysis.

Early Intervention
The early detection of struggling or disengaged students through analytics allows for prompt, personalized support. This helps them to overcome challenges and succeed.
Personalized Learning
Analytics enable the customization of learning experiences to match the needs and preferences of each student. This improves engagement and achievement.
Optimized Instructional Design
Insights from learning analytics improve the effectiveness of instructional materials and activities. This allows educators to create more engaging learning experiences.

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Innovation Brought to Life

Discover our blend of advanced AI technology and effective solutions for personalized and impactful learning experiences.

Automated Content Creation

Generate captivating, relevant content on auto-suggest, perfectly aligned with your curriculum and your students' learning objectives.

Intelligent Tutoring System

Enable tailored insights into student progress, strengths, and weaknesses through comprehensive dashboards. Create a personalized learning experience that benefits both teachers and students.

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We differentiate between data from end-users (learners, teachers) and Taskbase Tool users (authors, educational content creators, etc.):

End-User Personal Data: We do not collect personal data from end-users. All data is pseudonymized, using user IDs solely to enhance learning analytics. This helps to identify and address learning gaps, track progress, and boost motivation. Complete anonymization options are available.

End-User Interaction Data: This data is stored to refine task quality and adjust functionalities. It may contribute to model training without the risk of cross-tenant leakage.

Learning Analytics Data: By default, we can position this service and its data on your premises, ensuring we do not collect any data.

For authors using the Taskbase tool, we record names and email addresses in alignment with our data security protocols as detailed above.

Taskbase’s data centers are located in AWS Frankfurt, ensuring all data remains within the EU and adheres to stringent GDPR standards.

AWS’s commitment guarantees that customer data is securely maintained within the specified region. For alternative hosting requirements, we offer flexible solutions.

Source: Privacy Statement of AWS.

At Taskbase, safeguarding your data is paramount. We employ data encryption at rest and during transmission, backed by stringent firewall protocols and private networking to shield against online threats.

Our containerized applications are isolated and continuously updated to fend off security risks, ensuring the integrity of your data.

Taskbase stands at the forefront of educational AI innovation, thanks to our extensive experience and research collaborations with leading institutions like EPFL and ETH.

We navigate the AI landscape to deliver educationally aligned, cutting-edge solutions, ensuring minimal integration effort and high usability for our clients.

By integrating your educational concepts with our technology, we guarantee an enriched learning experience through your platform.