Wishing you a joyful holiday season

We look back on a year full of tasks

The year 2022 was full of inspiring challenges, successfully reached milestones, growth and pleasures.
Enjoy with us a throwback, and check out this Taskbase Christmas Special – a Christmas-Quiz with the best personalized feedback in the world. 🤩
We wish you merry Christmas and a very happy new year – we look very much forward to our future collaboration and an exciting year 2023.

All the best,
the Taskbase team

Find out how to visit Santa at the North Pole

You want to visit Santa at the North Pole. You follow your compass all the way until it tells you that you have reached your destination. Your map, however, states clearly that you are in Canada! Explain in one sentence how that is possible 🤯

Facts & figures 2022

Taskbase proudly provided personalized feedback to millions of student answers – in real-time, teacher-like and competence based.

Therefore, hundreds of new evaluation models got developed and trained by our AI-Team and applied to thousands of new tasks created together with our customers.

Feedbacks provided to Student interactions

1.5 Mio

Pre-trained evaluation strategies


New Tasks


Cute puppies help you get into the Christmas spirit

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One year, one team, one mission

2022 has been a fantastic year: Successful venture round, team growth to 20+ people, many happy new and existing customer, Investor get-together

We’re looking forward to our future collaboration and an exciting year 2023!

Sing it out loud


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Listen carefully to the text of this popular Christmas song and then fill in the blanks in the lyrics. Maybe you can sing along?

How learning platforms benefit from the Taskbase Feedback Engine®

This demo task is designed to show the technical feedback possibilities. The feedback itself is fully customizable to your didactic concept and adaptable to your digital learning environment.
Find more tasks with different feedback concept in our full demo below.

3.5x more interaction

Tailored scaffolding feedback to support the individual's needs and keeps motivation high

2x more learning outcome

Incremental learning progress through instant specific feedback

High student & teacher satisfaction

Reduce the workload on teachers and empower them with meaningful insights.

Rudolph is not the only reindeer in Santas town

How many reindeer does santa have, and name one of them?

Taskbase wants to THANK YOU

A successful and exciting year is coming to an end. The whole Taskbase Team is thankful for your trust, for the collaboration and for the belief in our mission of providing world’s best feedback.

The challenge to get to the top

What is traditionally placed on top of the Christmas tree? 🎄


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